35 members had a wonderful three days away in October visiting the Robertson Open Gardens, “Red Cow Farm”,  “Perennial Hill” in Mittagong and “Chinoiserie”, also in Mittagong.  Our bus looked a little like a nursery with all members purchases.  Apart from the gardens we enjoyed some fabulous meals!  Enjoy the photos of the trip.

Our April meeting will be held at 2pm on Sunday 7th April, 2019 at 45 Windemere Road, Robin Hill.

Belonging to Gabrielle and Stephen Darlington, this garden is on a sloping site which has been developed over time with retaining walls, a number of levels, steps and paths. Hedges have been used to create separate spaces and provide some protection for plants. Features include a sunken vegetable garden, wisteria walk and circular crab-apple garden.

Parking will be on Windemere Road (nose into the fences would work best) and there will be a short walk along the access laneway to the house.

Should a drop-off be required closer to the house, please drive along the lane, over the grid and turn around the gum tree. (Please don’t proceed down the driveway).

The Sunday 5th May Garden Club meeting will be held at 2pm at “Mt Tamar”, Judy and Chris Bayliss’ garden, 286 Gorman’s Hill Road Bathurst.

A two acre garden with extensive views over Bathurst, featuring perennial borders, rose plantings, sweeping lawns, an oriental garden, wisteria walk, arboretum of deciduous specimen trees, vegetable garden and crab apple arches.  Some unique metal features and sculptures also adorn the garden.

Look out for blue letter boxes on the right-hand side approximately 2.6 km from the beginning of Gorman’s Hill Road (which commences at Macquarie Care corner).   After entering the gate keep to the left where the driveway forks. There is plenty of parking at the front of the garden

Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen, chair & cup and the all-important share a plate