Old Government Cottage

Old Government Cottage

One of our community projects was the restoration of the garden at Old Government Cottage in Stanley Street, Bathurst.   The project started in early 2013 with Bathurst Gardeners’ Club constructing and researching an historical 1850’s style kitchen garden and plants of that era.  Bathurst District Historical Society provided the majority of the funds for the project.

The garden has several sections – picking garden, fruit trees, herb garden, vegetable garden and berries.

The garden was opened on the 29th of March 2015 and was a bi-centenary project.

The garden received an award at the Bathurst Bicentenary National Trust Heritage Awards for Outstanding Community Contribution to Local Heritage.

Official opening of the garden at Old Government Cottage on Sunday, 29th of March 2015.

The December 1st Gardeners’ Club Meeting will be the AGM.   Commencing at 12 noon at 87 Morrow Place, Bathurst.   The AGM will be followed by lunch.  The club will be providing cold meats, salads and sweets.   Members will need to bring a chair and mug.   Cold drinks will be provided.   We look forward to seeing you there.